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Cooking dogs’ food; the why & recipes


I’ve recently begun cooking for our two dogs. Their reaction to home cooked breakfasts and dinners has been surprising and delightful to watch!

Here’s the way:

We’ve recently celebrated our two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels 8th birthday.  Around the same time though, came the news that they’ve both developed heart murmurs.  (A common trait for this breed).

The upside is that they show no visiable signs of heart desease. They both relish in their twice daily walks.  Their coats shine and they’re engaged and enthusiastic four-leggered beings.

Around their 3rd birthday we began feeding them fully plant-based foods. I feel this has contributed to their general well being. Yet it’s only recently that I moved to the next level of campanion care.

On visiting a homeopathic vet, I was given a rather harsh talking to; about the fact that I was feeding our fur-friends highly processed food!

I could have taken offence to this vet’s lack of empathy; to my silent excuses, about the time and effort it takes to prepare nourishing food for a human family, let alone her fur campanions too!

Yet I found myself wholeheartedly agreeing with him.

His words resonated so deeply with me, as I knew them to be true;

Why wouldn’t I do for our animal companions what I so readily and knowledgeably do for my husband, daughters and guests! Preparing plant based whole foods, keeps my family thriving and it delights me to feed us wholesome fresh food!

Believe me, I know that there’s nothing easier than pouring some pellets into a bowl and saying “Doggies, dinner time!”. Yet we all know (sometimes we need reminding), that self selected, nutrient dense foods are best when made from scratch, in your loving home!

Max & Trix literally have more bounce in their step, and far more wag in their tails at meal times!

Much like with my human family, it’s my knowing that the most profound benefits are happening inside their bodies, unseen. I know that eating this way is filling their bodies with more of what’s needed for overall health!

So, while I am very new to making high protein, balanced doggie meals, I’ll offer you a  recipe or two for bulk meal making.  Please note: I do use recommended supplements for vital amino acids, carnitine and taurine, for cardiovascular and immune system health.  See recipes for links.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have, yet for sound medical advice, I do encourage you to purchase the 4th and latest edition (this one has some good vegan recipes, but not exclusively vegan) of Dr Pitcairn’s, The Complete Guide to Natural Health For Dogs & Cats. 

For a free information packed interview with Dr Richard Pitcairn you can listen to this Main Street Vegan podcast episode.  Hosted by my friend and mentor, Victoria Moran, which I found well worth listening to and learning from.

Happy and healthy cooking!



A doctor’s best advice

Do you want to know the best advice a Doctor’s ever given me? “EAT A SALAD AS A MAIN MEAL, DAILY”

So simple right?

Yet rarely uttered by general medical practitioners, in spite of its importance in lifestyle illness prevention.

So let’s just pause to think about it – of course that makes sense – fresh, raw fruits and veggies, with beans, sprinkles of nuts and seeds, combined for goodness in a bowl.

5 reasons to eat a daily salad, as a main meal:

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Green juicing is only for health nuts, surely?

It’s true, you might get very healthy on green juices. In fact a side effect could be addiction – yikes fancy liking green juice!

But no it’s not only for health nuts I assure you. Everyone get’s to enjoy nutrient-dense, life-giving juicing once they open themselves up to it!

My history is a case in point. Maybe you can relate to this…

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