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A doctor’s best advice

Do you want to know the best advice a Doctor’s ever given me? “EAT A SALAD AS A MAIN MEAL, DAILY”

So simple right?

Yet rarely uttered by general medical practitioners, in spite of its importance in lifestyle illness prevention.

So let’s just pause to think about it – of course that makes sense – fresh, raw fruits and veggies, with beans, sprinkles of nuts and seeds, combined for goodness in a bowl.

5 reasons to eat a daily salad, as a main meal:

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Green juicing is only for health nuts, surely?

It’s true, you might get very healthy on green juices. In fact a side effect could be addiction – yikes fancy liking green juice!

But no it’s not only for health nuts I assure you. Everyone get’s to enjoy nutrient-dense, life-giving juicing once they open themselves up to it!

My history is a case in point. Maybe you can relate to this…

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