A doctor's best advice

A doctor’s best advice

Do you want to know the best advice a Doctor’s ever given me? “EAT A SALAD AS A MAIN MEAL, DAILY”

So simple right?

Yet rarely uttered by general medical practitioners, in spite of its importance in lifestyle illness prevention.

So let’s just pause to think about it – of course that makes sense – fresh, raw fruits and veggies, with beans, sprinkles of nuts and seeds, combined for goodness in a bowl.

5 reasons to eat a daily salad, as a main meal:

  1. Fibre: There’s no dietary fibre in animal-products.  Fibre is found in fruits, vegetables, grains and other plant-based foods. Fibre deficiency can give rise to health risks including weight gain, heart disease, constipation, and cancer.
  2. Smart fats: Nuts, seeds and avo (monounsaturated fats) eaten with your vegetables, not snacking on, offers another dimension of favour as well as been health promoting.
  3. Micro nutrients: These ‘little’ guys, the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, repair and protect our cells against disease.  Too often fad diet plans focus on proportions of the macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats), while ignoring the necessity of nutritional excellence found in micronutrient consumption.
  4. Enhances satiety: When you consume sufficient nutrients in calories (energy) and fibre you’ll have feelings of fullness.  Ask yourself this, “will this meal fill me or will it fulfil my nutritional needs and satisfy me?”
  5. Freshness of breath: Aside from most vegetables containing more nutrients per calorie than any other food, by replacing animal products with dark leafy greens, as king of your plate, your body odour will improve, expelled from both your skin and your breath.

Check out my 10 tips to making power salads

Happy munching!

Thanks to Naked Nosh for allowing me use of her photography from our shared Delicious Detox programme.



2 thoughts on “A doctor’s best advice”

  1. Thanks Lynn for always giving us the BEST of what’s out there! Love reading and eventually trying out your ideas…sorry I don’t always get the chance to comment immediately, but trust me, your blog is awesome! Peta xxx


    1. Hi Peta, oh I am so thrilled, thank you. One puts it out there, but I have to say it’s rather terrific when I hear from my friends and readers!


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