Green Juicing

Green juicing is only for health nuts, surely?

It’s true, you might get very healthy on green juices. In fact a side effect could be addiction – yikes fancy liking green juice!

But no it’s not only for health nuts I assure you. Everyone get’s to enjoy nutrient-dense, life-giving juicing once they open themselves up to it!

My history is a case in point. Maybe you can relate to this…

I was convinced the colour alone was enough to appall me. I also believed it was something ‘other’ people did, not me! (how limiting a belief!)

Then I began feeding my Oscar juicer with a beautiful combination of vegetables accompanied by a sweet, plump pineapple. What came out was the most surprisingly appealing ‘New-Leaf Green’ coloured juice, which very much enticed rather than disgusted me.

After tasting that first juice, I stopped my habit of offering a non-committal nod (delivered simultaneously with a dubious look), whenever a caring friend or health guru suggested I juice some greens to alkalise and nourish my body.

Needless to say, I’m now hooked!

How about giving one a try?  I’d love to see you comment below on your first experience, and subsequent, of juicing your greens!


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