Juice vs. smoothies & your best kitchen aids!

Here’s a quick glance at juicing vs. smoothie making and why go for it. (maybe it’ll also serve as a Christmas gift idea, or two!)


  • here we extract only the juice, the fibre is set aside. The advantage being that juicing your food gives your digestion a break, while making the food’s nutrients readily available.
  • equipment – ideally using a masticating slow-moving juicer, like the Oscar. There are also fast-spinning centrifugal juicers, just be sure they can handle the greens!
  • the slower the mechanics, the less heat is generated to extract the juice, thereby the more nutrients are preserved.

Smoothie making

  • liquidises the whole fruit and veg, including the fibre. The fibre are not only beneficial for protecting against a number of cancers and chronic illnesses, but also helps you feel satiated.
  • equipment – a NutriBullet and VitaMix are just two examples of smoothie makers which get the job done well.
  • the NutriBullet is a super entry level product which is strong enough to handle nuts, root veggies and leafy greens.

Do you know why I recommend including both juicing and smoothies into one’s daily eating plan? Because it’s an easy, sure fire way to nourish our systems with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, natural sugars & fats, amino acids, anti-oxidants, enzymes, and water!

Oh, and it’s delicious too!

If you’re new to both juicing and smoothie making how about beginning with one? If you stay committed, and learn how this is a super powerful form of family feeding, then your progression to the second will follow!

Why juice or make smoothies at home?

Juicing fruits and vegetables can be a great way for people who don’t enjoy eating lots of fruits and vegetables to bring these healthy foods into their everyday routine.

Interestingly enough, did you know that all store-bought juices and smoothies, even those marked “100% natural” have been heat-treated or pasteurised to avoid bacterial growth during shipping and storage? So unless you’re standing watching a juice vendor juicing or making your smoothie right then and there, opt for a nutritionally dense homemade one!

A newbie at juicing and smoothie making?

  • Start with the veggies and fruit you already enjoy eating
  • Keep fruit in as your sweet base, then gradually add more greens
  • Remember to always add lemon, which helps neutlise the taste of greens
  • Dilute with water until you are ready for more concentrated tastes
  • Make it fun to drink, start with small pretty little tasters, especially for kids

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