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As a Rouxbe and VeganFusion trained plant-based chef, and cookbook junkie, Lyn cherry picks the nicest recipes with whooping family approval!

The recipes & creators

There are so many great recipe books, food blogs and chefs coming up with scrumptious plant-based meals, snacks and even cheeses!

Yet Lyn recognises there’s little time, for busy households, to keep abreast with all these search options.

Enter Veg Revival!

What’s offered to you

Lyn finds, tests and reformats family favourite recipes for readers’ easy indexing and use.

These recipes come from talented chefs, authors, recipe creators, and sometimes her own, who make plants their daily staples.

So they certainly know how to make healthy food taste delicious!

About Lyn

“I am of the same light that shines in you!”

  • A mother to two daughters with healthy appetites, along with their plant-strong father.
  • An enthusiastic vegan lifestyle coach and personal eco-conscious stylist.
  • One who is so incredibly passionate about actively making tasty and healthy food choices.
  • A willing guide, to you, to help boost personal health, our earth’s health and that of fellow animals!

Ready to get started?

Please remember your health is your own responsibility. Nothing contained in this publication is to be construed as medical advice.
This information is not meant to replace the guidance offered by a knowledgable nutritionally-focused health practitioner.

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